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In 2016 SOA embarked on an exciting project of creating a new production line in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. In partnership with Pittards Tannery, the new modern factory trains and responsibly employs  local people, mainly women and young people, making the new range of Soul of Africa shoes.

The sale of every pair of Soul of Africa shoes will not only sustain ethically run, production line, but will also help our continued support for projects that provide access to education, skills development and employment opportunities. 

The Original San-Dals Kickstarter

 In collaboration with our partners, Vivobarefoot, Soul of Africa worked to bring the traditional San-dals of The Ju/’HoansiSan Tribespeople of the Kalahari Desert to an international platform. This not-for-profit Kickstarter Project aimed to re-ignite the skills used to make this remarkable, ancient San-dal and successfully raised over £80,000. 

As part of an ongoing collaboration with Vivobarefoot, Soul of Africa helped to bring the San-dals of Kalahari Desert’s San-Bushemen Tribe to an international audience, succesfully raising over £90k via Kickstarter that will be used to fuel the future of the venture. 


£163 buys tools
£430 pounds buys a sanding machine
£1,200 buys a shoe stitching machine