The Ababa’s distinctive heel rocker ‘footprint sole’ is designed with simplicity in mind. Made in Ethiopian Wild Hide, from Pittards® Tannery sourced from small-scale, independent farmers. This soft, flexible leather shows individual markings that reflect a life with freedom to roam.Using the patented Barefoot Technology the rubber sole unit is light, flexible and puncture-resistant to benefit natural foot health. The design is inspired by the oldest human footprints (circa 3.7 million years old) found in Tanzania. Ababa shoes lets your feet breathe and move freely with maximum sensory feel. Doing good, one step a time.




Ababa shoe has been launched after
12 months of product development process to ensure that it provides all the fundamental skills of shoemaking for the newly recruited trainees.

The leather collection comes in Pittards
Wild Hide, sourced from the small- scale farmers in Ethiopia. Supple, naturally
scarred leather from animals that have lived,
explored and made love under the sun.


Through the sales of the shoes, the Soul of Africa Charitable Trust has enabled nearly 18,000 children and young people to get education and care by building classrooms, equipping computer centres, organising sport fields as well as supporting income generation initiatives.


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