Our shoe pays homage to the original humans of the Rift Valley. Handmade in Ethiopia. A truly collaborative effort, the print of Ababa Canvas is by Akaso, a Belgium-based label that works with Kara painters of Ethiopia to create unique and authentic designs.




Ababa shoes in collaboration with Akaso showcasing a unique body-painting art of Kara people in Ethiopia. The Kara tribe is one of Africa’s most authentic tribes known for their abstract body painting, a fascinating act of transformation using the skin as a canvas and the earth as a palette.

From co-creation workshops between six young male and female Kara body painting artists and two Akaso designers lead by Akaso Founder Philippe Vertriest, father of two Ethiopian born daughters and great believer in Africa’s creative talent, comes the new collection fusing one of Africa’s oldest art forms with an urban contemporary spirit.


Through the sales of the shoes, the Soul of Africa Charitable Trust has enabled nearly 18,000 children and young people to get education and care by building classrooms, equipping computer centres, organising sport fields as well as supporting income generation initiatives.


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