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Soul of Africa supports charitable projects across Africa. Our ongoing support for the trusted organisations that we work with is possible because proceeds from the international sale of our shoes are returned to communities. 

There are many projects that Soul of Africa supports each year, alongside several core organisations that we have sustained long-term relationships with. 

 In the Molweni Valley, a densely populated area near Durban, South Africa, we work with life-changing support networks for vulnerable children. Unemployment here is high and many children have been left orphaned due to AIDS. The proceeds from Soul of Africa shoes continue to help provide care, security and opportunities for the future through access to education & improvement of facilities. 


 In Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia, Soul of Africa work closely with the Brave Hearts Foundation. This inspirational organisation creates safety, security and opportunity for vulnerable children, many of whom would otherwise be living on the streets. The charity provides training for guardians, ensures they receive proper nutrition and access to education. What’s more, they run a micro-finance project that helps women to set up small businesses that provide an invaluable income to support their families.


We currently support 4 particular pre-schools in the Molweni Valley. They are called Khethokuhle, Kholowetu, Dabulamanzi and Ntokozweni. 

Hard work has gone into renovating the buildings, ensuring their safety and installing proper sanitation. Further to this, the creches have been equiped with plenty of tables & chairs, floor rugs, mattresses for nap times and of course – lots of toys!

Nutrition is also of high importance when ensuring the young children at the schools are happy and healthy. Between 2007 and 2012 we helped support the running a food banks to ensure that all the children were receiving sufficient food each day.

We have also channeled funding into training and support for the carers involved in looking after the children. 

School Education

We work with multiple organisations including Philangethemba (which means Living Through Hope), a social outreach programme based in Kloof and The Brave Hearts Organisation in Addis Ababa.

Recent Soul of Africa projects have occured  in several schools, including Bazamile Primary school, Lamula Primary school, Tholulwazi High and Ngqungqulu High schools.

Development work has helped to improve the facilities at all of the schools, equiping classrooms, science laboratories, renovating school buildings, ensuring proper sanitary blocks and clearing the way for new sports fields.

We have collaborated on projects that have introduced computer access to computer training and providing staff who live far from the school with accomodation. We have helped to introduce a reading programme with daily classes for children who require extra tuition with the help of  the African storybook project. We have also been able to introduce holiday clubs, with a full week of recreational activities every July & December. 

Support for the Brave Hearts Organisation

The prime focus for Brave Hearts is to get children off the streets, away from crime and into the world of education and a bright future. Director, Kony Yimer, is passionately driven by a desire to give back to orphans and vulnerable children.

Through the Brave Hearts Foundation, children who would be left to live on the streets of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, receive the chance for a safe & stable future. The foundation ensures they are looked after for by trained carers, provides accomodation, food and access to education along with access to medical care and all other areas of support. 

Currently, Soul of Africa fully sponsors 10 children through the Brave Hearts Project and hopes to continue to increase this number. 

Further to this, Brave Hearts also run a micro-financing project. This proven means of providing sustainable aid issues micro-credits to women, usually mothers, allowing them to set up small businesses. By generating an income, these womena re able to experience financial self-sufficiency and can experience the exhillaration and pride of taking charge of their own future.

With your support we can reach more children