The mission of the Brave Hearts Organisation is to provide a safe, nourishing environment for orphans and vulnerable children living in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. In poverty stricken areas of Ethiopia, where unemployment rates are high and access to basic healthcare is limited, many children find themselves in a position of extreme vulnerability. Often orphaned, or being supported by a single parent who struggles to cope with providing for the whole family, children are regularly subject to abuse and depravity. 


Roshun’s story is typical of many children that Brave Hearts works with. His parents passed away when he was 3 and his brother became the breadwinner for the family. With the help of the organization, he was able to attend school and went on to study at a technical school before securing an appearance position in hospitality. 


By setting up a community based child sponsorship program, the Brave Hearts Organisation offers an opportunity to provide children with the care and stability that will help them to secure their future. One of the primary aims is to minimize the number of children who are wandering the streets, where they are most vulnerable. A key element to this is funding their education and nurturing them with positive values and support.


Current director, Kony Yimer, is a mother of 4 young children herself, and passionately heads the project. So far, 17 boys and 39 girls have benefited from the program, and its hoped that the number of lives that can be changed will continue to increase with every year. Further to Kony, the organisation employs 3 full time staff, a psychologist, a social worker, an accountant, some part time teachers, and a full time volunteer. The staff work around the clock to provide whatever support they can. From counselling to sanitation, and educational support to food & clothes supply, their work is cut out! 



With the help of Brave Hearts, the opportunity of a real future is opened up to children who otherwise would have been confounded to a life without education, support and hope. What is perhaps most incredible, is the way that those who have benefited from the foundation go on to pass their insight and support to younger generations. 


Lilit, a beneficiary of Brave Hearts, was cared for by her grandmother until she passed away at 8 years old. With the help of the organization, she was able to complete school and go on to study electrical engineering at university where she mentors 300 students. In her holidays, she returns to Addis Ababa to mentor Brave Hearts children.


Soul of Africa currently supports 10 children through the Brave Hearts Organization (Including safe living arrangements, food, education & care) as well as funding a micro-crediting project that aims to help 42 women to set up small businesses, such as selling vegetables, in order to generate income for their families.

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