This is Denke. Denke is the aunt of a young girl called Sabi, who lost both of her parents when she was 5. As Sabi’s only relative, Denke took her in and works very hard to try and provide for her. Sabi is being helped by the Brave Hearts Foundation and is a bright and hard worker at school. To help support her, Denke has been working for a very low wage as a day laborer. She is in the process of receiving a microcredit loan so that she can support her family independently. Her plan is to sell traditional food called baltinea.


The Sea Change Foundation will be helping to support our venture with Brave Hearts. Together we will support a micro-finance project that helps women in Ethiopia to set up small business that allow them to support their families. The project provides an opportunity to earn a living in areas of extreme unemployment where many women are struggling to provide for their children.


Seachange was started by a group of friends in 2005, who were drawn together under a shared desire to give something back to the world. Seachange are true believes in the proven effectiveness of micro-financing. It’s simple but exceedingly effective, and allows an individual’s life to be improved with a sense of mastery and agency – an opportunity for self-pride. Their projects target some of the poorest areas in the world, empowering people to lift themselves from poverty with dignity.


Together, our mission is to raise funds and awareness regarding microcredit projects in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. By providing women with this opportunity, it’s been shown that women’s health, education, poverty levels and family wellness are dramatically improved. What’s more, this investment in young women and girls has been shown to increase the average age of pregnancy and reduce domestic violence.


This is Sitota. She is the youngest guardian at the Brave Hearts foundations and is the mother to a child named Yebetel. After receiving help from the foundation she set up a company selling vegetables and is working hard to change the fate of her family.


Specifically, this project aims to train more women as guardians for the Brave Hearts Foundation. These ladies will help to care for the children that are taken in by the project. Together, we wish to provide the foundations for making a sustainable change in the lives of the women and children involved in the project. Self-sufficiency is our primary objective – we wish for all involved to be able to provide for themselves and the children, to be safe and become an upstanding member of their community.


Addis Ababa is a region that Soul of Africa has focused much of its efforts to date. Also with Brave Hearts, we fully sponsor 10 children, giving them a safe place to call home, support through education and loving guidance as they venture into adulthood. What’s more, we are currently in the process of opening a new production line for our shoes in collaboration with Pittards Tannery in order to provide skills and employment opportunities, with all the proceeds from selling each pair on an international platform returning back into community projects & providing a fair wage.

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