Brave Hearts Organization (BHO) had a grand visit by the SOA team and London of School of Economics and Political Science Masters students on 14/04/2015. BHO children, the director and the staff welcomed them with Ethiopian hospitality. The major love and respect began with offering a bouquet of flowers, followed by one of the symbols and a gesture of hospitality – a coffee ceremony. In Ethiopian culture if a guest arrives to your home, we show your welcoming spirit through preparing a coffee ceremony. The children presented to the visitors Ethiopian traditional dance and music. The visitors have participated on the scene and shown their solidarity.

The children were excited and felt very happy to present the guests an entertainment which radiated the generous support in donating the children through the Soul of Africa. The show took only a few minutes, but with a deep meaning. The children were able to express their gratitude through a silent show how SOA gives back to the children to save them from hardship and assist the children to reach their full potential. The image was objectively putting on shoes ….on the feet of the children symbolically being in the shoes of others and experiencing the joy and the pain as well.

The gathering ended by refreshment (pitsa, cookies and soft drink by BHO, and panatonni from Italy which was brought by the SOA) Taking pictures of the children with the visitors were the precious moment for the children. It was an amazing time to see the visitors chatting with children as if they knew each other for ages. The love and the care radiated through them. We at BHO highly appreciate your surpassing visit. We are indeed blessed to have known you and share such a human touch with each other.

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