This is 14-year-old Kalkidan, one of the children living at The Brave Hearts Foundation, supported by Soul of Africa. Kalkidan was left without a home and the care of a family when her parents passed away. She faced extreme challenges without an adult to protect and provide for her.

With the help of Soul of Africa, Brave hearts is able to provide safety, care and a new life for Kalkidan. She now has a safe home and a chance to access education. She is one of the most caring and helpful young girls at the foundation, and everyone describes her as one of the happiest faces, in spite of the difficulty she has endured at such a young age.

Kalkidan loves to participate in creative activities, especially music and dancing. She continues to flourish and grow with the support of the foundation and dreams of becoming a doctor so she can help other who are in need

Kalkidan says her favorite thing about Brave hearts is the staff that work there and the other children. When asked how the program has helped her, she said “Brave hearts has transformed by life from Sadness to Happiness. I am happy that I have a family, I get three meals a day, I go to school and have all my school materials and clothes”.

Soul of Africa is proud to help Kalkidan and many children like her make their dreams of a stable, empowering and fulfilling future possible.

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