An abundance of research suggests that physical exercise has benefits not only on our bodies but also on our minds – for example, a study in 1999 (and many since!) showed that exercise improves learning and memory as it helps to oxygenate the brain and causes a process called ‘neurogenesis’ to occur, which means that new connections are formed in parts of the brain.

Soul of Africa helps to support Destino, a Dance company originating in Addis Ababa that belieces that not only does dance provide all the benefits of physical exercise, but also increases creativity, builds relationships with you peers and provides a sense of connectivity to traditional and local music. 

The dance classes are led by Junaid Jemal Sendi and Addisu Demissie and their lessons have become very popular at the Brave Hearts Foundation. The rippling effects of supporting this charity encompass all aspects of life… not only do children receive a safe home and education but also the chance to engage in activities that are fun and well rounded. Staff watch the children transition from being alone, scared and fearful of the future to bright, happy and motivated young people. They say “we have starred noticing changes in the children; they are gaining more confidence and have increased positive self image. They view themselves as individuals who can succeed. 

You can watch the video produced by Destino Here

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