Supporting Ethiopia Skate to build a skate park

This week we supproted Ethiopia Skate crowdfunding campaign, so they will be able to continue its grassroots efforts of promoting access to skateboarding by constructing Ethiopia’s second free access, community-built, skatepark in the town of Hawassa.

They have succesfully reached they goal raising $17,197 USD from 201 backers!

Ethiopia Skate now will build a skate park in Hawassa is a small lake town in the Great Rift Valley of central Ethiopia, located 285km south of Addis Ababa. Skateboarding has been increasing in popularity all across Ethiopia and Hawassa’s growing skate youth are in need of a recreation and community space where they can feel safe and empowered. Ethiopia Skate has been granted access to 500 m2 of land from the local government to build this very space.

About Ethiopia Skate
Ethiopia Skate is a local community of skateboarders based out of Addis Ababa and a U.S. 501c3 non profit organization. Since 2013, we have been working to empower youth by providing skateboard gear, organizing skate sessions/programs, and now building skate parks. Our community consists of over 150 skateboarders in Ethiopia’s capital and other towns across the country, with many more eager to join.

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