SOA At The Fashion Africa Conference

Looking Back on the Fashion Africa Conference …

We had a great time at the Fashion Africa Conference last month, meeting with tons of like-minded entrepreneurs, designers, investors and business consultants. All participants and guests agree that Africa is becoming a valuable source of ideas, materials and production for the global fashion market.

For the past decade, Soul of Africa has been committed to create jobs and opportunities for people. As it was noted at the Conference, every job in East Africa’s garment industry generates another 5 jobs along the supply chain.

However, Africa has been very much dependant on an informal economy so far, which is also directly related to the increase of the migration: people tend to move, searching for better opportunities, as the informal economy does not offer stable jobs.

A well organised employment becomes a key to happiness and wellbeing. People would prefer to stay where their families and friends are… as Simone Cipriane, the UN officer and founder of the Ethical Trade Initiative, has said: ‘Formal businesses must create dignified working conditions, respect minimum wage and move towards achieving living wage’.

By purchasing Soul of Africa shoes and supporting our work, you are making a direct contribution towards happiness and wellbeing of the workers and their families along our supply chain.

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