Soul of Africa is proud to be part of Lilit’s journey. She is 21 years old. She used to live with her grandmother, after both her parents died when she was eight years old.Despite the particularly rough start, Lilit has completed the 12th grade level of high school, and got very good results in her Entrance Exam for university.

The Ministry of Education in Ethiopia assigned her to one of the universities in the northern part of the country called Debre Tabor University, 600 km from Addis Ababa. She has since been studying Electrical Engineering.

She has now become the captain of 300 University students showing her active, responsible and sociable side of her personality.

Her hobbies are dance, music and drama. She is very good at it. She was the core of Beyond the Orphanage’s Brave Hearts programme, facilitating children’s events.

Lilit will return to Addis Ababa for two months during the school holidays where she plans to work with the other Brave Hearts children on peer mentoring.

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