Brave Hearts Foundation Quarterly Progress Report

Brave Hearts, long-standing beneficiaries of Soul of Africa, provides us with regular updates on day-to-day life at the organization. We’d like to share with you some of their hard work from the first quarter of this year. A lot can happen in 3 months!

With every update we are continually impressed not only by all of the incredible changes and improvements, but also by one consistent message – despite the challenges and suffering experienced at a young age by so many children, they are inspiringly resilient and continue flourish every day.

Core Statistics

38 children received sanitary materials
38 children were provided 3 meals a day
38 children were able to go to school
33 counseling sessions were carried out
13 children received important medical care

The Vegetable Garden

Many of the children have been involved in a project caring for homegrown, organic vegetables. Including tomatoes, lettuce and cabbages, the garden has been a huge success! The drop in centre has been running a refreshment programme, giving everyone the chance to come and taste some of the delicious fresh produce. The children were passionate about the project and showed tremendous concentration and commitment to maintaining the garden. Well done to all involved!

In-come Generating Activities

In order to provide a chance to experience the freedoms of self-sufficiency, Brave hearts runs income-generating activities and teaches the associated life skills to be prepared for independence. The aim of the program is to lift them out of the poverty cycle and to empower the girls to be self-reliant.

6 motivational groups were held during the first quarter and welcomes guardians and older children, focusing on income generating activities and saving money. Everyone made good progress and several business ideas are set for the future.

Psychosocial Activities

14 group sessions were held that focused on the psychological impact of many of the children’s experiences. They touched on issues including disaster, violence, abuse, drugs & alcohol and looking to the future. The sessions helped young people to process traumatic experiences and to develop the skills and knowledge to overcome them.

Many visits to children’s home and school environment have also been made. The Brave Hearts team endeavor to ensure that the highest possible level of care is established for the children. They identify areas that demand interventions and assist with improvements where possible. Regular checks allow the team to have a full understanding of each child’s circumstances and implement the best possible enhancements.

We’d like to send our kindest regards to all those involved in the project – from the youngest child to the wisest guardian, you are an inspiration to us all. Well done!

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