Brave Hearts Building for the future

The Addis Ababa based Brave Hearts Foundation run an Income Generating Activity Programme is continuing to prove a huge success, with latest updates reporting that the guardians involved in the initiative have shown an all-time high of excitement and motivation.

The Income Generating Activities are aimed at helping guardians involved in the Brave Hearts Programme to gain employment that allows them to support their families. Focus is given to helping to set up small businesses such as selling vegetables or food.

In the past couple of months, Brave Hearts have been working alongside external experts and the local government in order to provide weekly training sessions for 6 of the women guardians for children supported by the foundation, the majority of whom have been orphaned. They have received support in their chosen business initiatives in the form of management training, market assessment and training in savings and credit methods. Strong foundations are being laid for the future careers of the women involved!

The second round of funding will commence imminently. All those involved are excited for the achievements of the programme and are positive that It will continue to make a successful and enduring impact for the future of these families and the broader local community.

The participation of the guardians in these projects allows them to improve and transform the lives of their families, helping them to consistently provide food and general necessities, as well as access to education. What’s more, these women are being given the chance to feel empowered by the pride of their independent success – setting an inspirational example for their children and communities. All those involved should feel an immense sense of achievement for their hard work – it has and continues to be a truly rewarding experience for all involved!

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