• wide
  • thin
  • flexible
reconnect with africa,
walk in your ancestors footsteps.

The sole design is inspired by the oldest hominin footprints known as ’The Laetoli Footprints’. These footfall impressions were left on Tanzanian soil over 3.7 million years ago, preserved in volcanic ash and later discovered by a group of archaeologists in 1976.

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All our shoes are made on the newly set up production line in Addis Ababa, which employs local shoemakers, technicians and managers. As production continues to grow, so too will the positive impact on the lives of the employees and their families.

Shoes change lives


  • Through the sales of the shoes, the Soul of Africa Charitable Trust has enabled nearly 18,000 children and young people to get education and care by building classrooms, equipping computer centres, organising sports as well as supporting income generating initiatives.